Friday, September 9, 2016

About the Dinner

The Farm to Table Dinner came to Jonesborough in 2011, thanks to the vision of Chef Alex Bomba, Alex's wife Breelyn and her parents Herman and Beverly Jenkins, who together owned and operated Main Street Cafe and Catering in Jonesborough.

It was their idea to bring a large Farm to Table dinner to town, staging it right at the site of the Jonesborough Farmers Market.  A huge harvest table on Main Street!  Using ingredients sourced from the farmers market, and donating all proceeds from the event to the operation of the market.

The first dinner served 100 guests and was a huge success.
The following year, seats were added and tickets sold out in minutes.  Now the dinner serves 216!
Tickets are sold at the Jonesborough Farmers Market--see the ticket tab for current details..


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